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This site was well past its sell-by date, and adding to out dated jumble of data that is the modern web. In order to save wasting your time looking through ancient content this site has been removed.

For historic purposes below is a list of downloads that used to be on the site, incase they are of any use to anyone still

Old FCKEditor Filebrowser extension project
FCKEditor filebrowser extension project
June 2002 - Winsock Advanced Console (VB6 source inc.)
A MDI application allowing for multiple child windows in a combination of TCP/UDP listeners and TCP/UDP connections, useful app for TCP/UDP network application debugging. (Winsock, MDI) Download Winsock Advanced Console Source Code
March 2001 - Colour Utility (VB6 source inc.)
Colour pallete and colour pickerDownload Colour Utility Source Code
Aug 2003 - CDServe (Perl source inc.)
Linux CD Server application with windows client, built on a heavily customised Webmin.Download CDServe Source Code
Jun 2001 - DYNI (VB6/VBScript source inc.)
ASP/VBScript DynDNS type web application and VB6 Desktop app to update itDownload DYNI Source Code
Aug 2003 - MCP 3D Progress Bar OCX
3D progress bar control intended for use in VB6 apps (sorry can't find the source)Download MCP 3D Progress Bar OCX
Aug 2000 - EnumJobs (VB6 source inc.)
Example app for enumerating the jobs in a print queue. (Win32API, winspool)Download EnumJobs Example Source Code
Aug 2003 - Disk Cataloger (VB6 source inc.)
Simple VB6 app to produce a text file listing all files on a given disk/folderDownload Disk Cataloger Source Code
Aug 2003 - POP3 Mail Checker (VB6 source inc.)
Very simple example to check a POP3 mailbox and return the number of messages in it. (Winsock)Download POP3 Mail Checker Example Source Code
May 2002 - Sophos Webmin Module (Perl source inc.)
Webmin module for sophos antivirus allowing updating and scanningDownload Sophos Webmin Module Source Code
Aug 2000 - Mouse Out (VB6 source inc.)
Example application to show how to detect when the cursor moves off of an objectDownload Mouse Out Example Source Code
Sept 2000 - Ring monitor (VB6 source inc.)
Example application to detect when the phone rings using the MSComm objectDownload Ring Monitor Example Source Code

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