FCKEditor File Browser Extensions Project, improves functionality of the standard file browser shipped with the FCKEditor, includes PHP and ASP connectors. Includes Thumbnail view, rename, delete of files and folders and soon to include Image Manipulation support
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Well close enough
Doesnt time just fly, despite all the best intentions there has been very little progress on the development of this project. Whilst i do still have plans to continue the development of the new browser im not able to give any time scales as my available time to work on the project at the moment is non existant.

Sneak Preview of the new file manager

This extension project has become stale over the past year.
Until the release of the new file manager, it is strongly
recommend you look at:
External Link Martin Kronstad's filemanager with image editing
The author of this project is currently re-writing a
brand new(unofficial) file manager for FCKeditor, it
is expected to enter public testing in mid June 2006.
The key features to the new file manager will be:-
  • New and fresh look
  • Easier configuration & common configuration for all
  • a complete tree view for the folder structure, dynamically
    loaded as you traverse the tree.
  • Plugin support - to facilitate the easy expansion of the file manager.
  • The browser / connector specification will be changed but not
    drastically so porting old connectors to the new file manager
    should be quite straight forward, the difficult part will be
    getting it to work with the common configuration system (xml based)
This project aims to extend the file browser section
of FCKEditor v2.

The extensions will be implemented maintaining the
authors view of providing a generic XML interface to
support the file browsers functionality, so that server-
side connectors may be developed for different server side
platforms. (Web Service)
  • Implement thumbnail images for files and folders -
    [ Complete ]
  • Delete & Rename functionality for files and folders -
    [ Complete ]
  • Simple image editing functionality -
    [ See Martin Kronstad's work ]
  • Implement progress bar for uploads -
    [ Temp. Solution ]