FCKEditor File Browser Extensions Project, improves functionality of the standard file browser shipped with the FCKEditor, includes PHP and ASP connectors. Includes Thumbnail view, rename, delete of files and folders and soon to include Image Manipulation support
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Developer Docs
This section contains interface documentation to facilitate development
of other server side connectors to implement the new features of the browser:-
  • Interface Documentation
    Concept of the connectors

    Standard Commands:-

    Extension Commands:-
    RotateImage - Not yet implemented
    ScaleImage - Not yet implemented
    CropImage - Not yet implemented
  • Development Hints
    Some hints for problems you may encounter developing a connector:-
    • Make sure the HTTP Content-Type header is set to text/xml
      for all commands expecting an XML response. The only
      command that does not expect an XML response is the
      FileUpload command, this expects an HTML response
      (dont forget to include all the HTML preamble in
      the response <html><head>... etc.)
    • Make sure the HTTP Cache-Control header is set to no-cache
      This prevents the browser from caching connector responses.
    • If errors are allowed to escape into the output stream
      this will result in client side problems, try to send
      all server side errors to a debug file rather than
      outputting them.
    • The url attribute of the CurrentFolder element in XML output
      should always include a user definable prefix to allow for
      the http://sitename.etc to added.
    • The path and url attribute of XML output must end in a /