FCKEditor File Browser Extensions Project, improves functionality of the standard file browser shipped with the FCKEditor, includes PHP and ASP connectors. Includes Thumbnail view, rename, delete of files and folders and soon to include Image Manipulation support
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FileUpload Command
Uploads a file to the server, to be stored in the current folder.
In the case a file with the same name already exists, the connector
must automatically rename it adding a progressive number suffix.
For example, if the posted file is named "Test.doc", the names to
be used, in order, are: "Test(1).doc", "Test(2).doc"... and so on.

Example Request:-
Parameters (Passed by HTTP GET / QueryString):-
  • Command
    (Generic parameter) Always used to specify the command the connector should execute.
  • Type
    (Generic parameter) Always used to specify the resource area the browser is
    currently set to. This affects the location that the command refers to, the
    location should be composed of a user definable folder (where all files
    are held, followed by the resource type, e.g. /UserFiles/Image
  • CurrentFolder
    (Generic parameter) Always used to specify the path currently displayed in the
    browser. This location is relative to the path composed from the user definable
    folder + the resource type. If CurrentFolder was /Planes and Type was Image
    the path to operate on would be /UserFiles/Image/Planes
  • uploadID
    The ID used to represent this upload, this number is randomized per upload
    the primary reason for this parameter is to allow upload progress to be tracked.
  • Connector
    The path to the connector file, this is used in case the upload is passed to an
    upload handler before reaching the connector (this is required to track the
    progress of an upload in PHP as a perl script has to handle the upload until
    it is complete, then the request is passed to the connector specified here)
Parameters (Passed by HTTP POST / enctype: multipart/form-data):-
The file accompanying the request is in a field named NewFile.
Connector Output (HTML):-
Example output:-
<title>Upload Complete</title>
<script type="text/javascript">
window.parent.frames['frmUpload'].OnUploadCompleted(0) ;
  • Pass-back value
    • OnUploadCompleted(0) : No Errors. File uploaded successfully
    • OnUploadCompleted(201,'NewFileName.ext') : File already exists,
      renamed uploaded file to 'NewFileName.ext'.
    • OnUploadCompleted(202,'Error Message') : Error uploading file,
      'Error Message' displayed to the user.