FCKEditor File Browser Extensions Project, improves functionality of the standard file browser shipped with the FCKEditor, includes PHP and ASP connectors. Includes Thumbnail view, rename, delete of files and folders and soon to include Image Manipulation support
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GetUploadProgress Command

Example Request:-
Parameters (Passed by HTTP GET / QueryString):-
  • Command
    (Generic parameter) Always used to specify the command the connector should execute.
  • Type
    (Generic parameter) Always used to specify the resource area the browser is
    currently set to. This affects the location that the command refers to, the
    location should be composed of a user definable folder (where all files
    are held, followed by the resource type, e.g. /UserFiles/Image
  • CurrentFolder
    (Generic parameter) Always used to specify the path currently displayed in the
    browser. This location is relative to the path composed from the user definable
    folder + the resource type. If CurrentFolder was /Planes and Type was Image
    the path to operate on would be /UserFiles/Image/Planes
  • uploadID
    The id for the upload to return the progress on
  • refreshURL
    If a refreshURL is passed in the previous call of GetUploadProgress, this
    value is passed back on the next execution of this call to the connector.
    This was implemented out of necessity for the PHP connector, as the
    connector had to call another script and pass data from the
    previous request.
Connector Output (Return Values):-
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<Connector command="GetUploadProgress" resourceType="File">
<CurrentFolder path="/Samples/Docs/" url="/UserFiles/File/Samples/Docs/" />
<Progress max="32000" value="2430">
<RefreshURL url="http://site.url/cgi-bin/progress.cgi?uploadID=19382&amp;total=32000&amp;read=2430">
  • Progress Element
    The max and value attributes are used to work out the percentage
    of the upload completed. The most sensible values would be to set
    max to the size of the file, and value to the amount currently read,
    however you may also set max to 100 and value to the percentage
  • RefreshURL Element
    The contents of the url attribute can be used to carry data forward
    to the next call of GetUploadProgress, this data is passed to the
    next call via HTTP Get under the field name refreshURL