FCKEditor File Browser Extensions Project, improves functionality of the standard file browser shipped with the FCKEditor, includes PHP and ASP connectors. Includes Thumbnail view, rename, delete of files and folders and soon to include Image Manipulation support
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Concept of connectors

File Browser
The file browser provides the flexibility for a developer to create a
connector to provide the server side functionality of the file browser.
This is a powerful feature, because every case is a different and so
different and specific problems may be solved by different connectors.

The file browser provides a common interface that can be used by all
server side languages. The interface was developed completely in
Javascript DHTML and the integration interface is provided via XML.
In this way if a developer wants to integrate with the file browser
they do not have to worry about the presentation layer of it.

The Architecture
The following graphic shows how the File Browser Integration works:
Connector architecture

The "Connector" is the main file to be developed in this case
regarding the server side integration with the File Browser.
The following tasks must be done by the Connector:
  • Receive the File Manager requests.
  • Execute operations in the File System, like folder and files
    creations and listings.
  • Build the XML response in the right format and syntax.
  • Receive and handle file uploads from the File Browser.